Why “Kreative on Kanvas” is different from others?

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The arts and culture represent one of the few areas in our society where people can come together to share an experience of creativity.
Humans have been making art since the dawn of time, often with little education in materials, techniques, or theory, yet the notion of the “self-taught artist” is a relatively new phenomenon. For me as an artist formal imagination and the emotional power at its best to complete a concept an image or a situation which are my personal proficiencies in life.
As an artist, I encourage myself to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and to search constantly for new ideas. I break rules and find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues and transform them into art. For now, focus on me and how can I improve. That is all that matters to me.
As I fill image after image with simplified figures of people, places, and other symbols connected to my personal experiences, energetic brushstrokes and bold, expressive tones become the hallmarks of a fiercely independent style forged through self-education and focus to be different and unique in the clutter. On paper I am detailed on canvas I am abstract. Watercolor, colored pencils, and acrylic paints are my favorite, I use all the techniques of these three mediums to come out with my concepts.

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My Vision

It is my Vision to spread my art all over the world

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My Mission

Receiving acclamation from around the world

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My Goal

Making world a better place with my paintings

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